Welcome to our blog- we hope you enjoy travelling with us as we split our time between the UK and Kenya. Our dual location is reflected in the frequency of our posts- we are normally much quieter when we are in the UK.

For many years David was senior partner in a law firm where he specialised in court advocacy, commercial leases and elderly care.  He also trained and practised as a mediator and a counsellor and has an MA in Restorative Justice.

After reading Classics at UCL, Liza trained as a primary school teacher and taught Reception for several years before moving into special needs education where she spent many years working in MLD and SEMH schools. She is also a qualified EFL teacher and a mediator.

We have both completed a Diploma in Biblical, Missiological and Inter-cultural studies.

Between 2012 and 2016, at the invitation of Bishop Dr Christopher Ruto of the Anglican Diocese of Eldoret, we lived in the North Rift of Kenya and worked with two separate initiatives there. David was mainly involved in peace building and civic education through dialogue, advocacy and grassroots events whilst Liza spent most of her time with a diocesan project called Community Based Rehabilitation which serves people with disabilities.

We are now based back in the UK and we try to return to Eldoret on a regular basis to support the work of our Kenyan colleagues and friends.




9 thoughts on “About

  1. Liza, I’m happy I found you here! In case you wonder – it’s Dani from Switzerland. As I have neither a facebook- nor a twitter- or any other social media account it took me a while to find a way to contact you straight away. I did have a chance to sneek into your facebook profile using our companys site, so I did notice that you became a grandmother of several beautiful kids – congratulations to you and your beautiful daughters!. I also noticed that you left your house in Chichester and are crazy enough to move to Africa! I’m not quite sure whether another “congratulations” is appropriate in that case…. I’d love to get back in touch and I’m really sorry we lost touch in the first place. I think I didn’t let you know when I was moving house a few years back…. So please send me your email – and maybe even your postal address in Kenya (in case you think I should take the chance and try and ship some DVDs over ;))
    I always thought of you and it would make me very happy to hear from you again.
    Love, Dani

    1. HI Timothy,
      The best way to organize wheelchair distribution event is to email wheels for the world and they will help you

  2. How lovely to get your message ,not sure if this will get to you but would you let me know if it does….how lovely to read that you are grandparents, we are as well but only to one little girl who is now 5 we have had to wait a long time for her but it’s beem worth the wait…thankfully they only live in Godstone, Jeremy lives in HK still and though married they have not been able to have children…we ar3 still in the church at Whyteleafe…….please let me know if this reaches you. Our love for now and Happy Christmas to you and your family…RichardandGill

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