A busy few weeks

It’s been a busy few weeks since we last wrote. We spent Palm Sunday at the Cathedral in Barcelona having used our air miles (smug moment!) to pay for the flights so that we could have a  long weekend there. We really loved the place.

Easter saw us gathering as a  family here in Chichester and our grandson Huxley joined us all for the first time. He also made his first visit to our Cathedral where he is still being prayed for on a regular basis.  Life is not easy for either him or his parents but we are all learning to rejoice in the small steps of growth and development that we see.

Work wise we are facing a few frustrations as there is not much supply teaching coming in and despite several organisations gratefully receiving David’s expertise on a voluntary basis, no paid posts are currently in the offing for him either. Interesting times as the saying goes….and we’re open to any suggestions that any of you might have for us!

Although it’s more than a year since we returned from Kenya bizarrely this last week both of us have been dreaming about and having vivid memories of people and places there that we know well.We’re not quite sure what that’s all about  but we miss them all very much.

Just as we have been here, the North Rift is now gearing up for their election in a few months time and there has been some encouraging news from our former colleagues in peace work and civil society. Nearly all the existing political incumbents have been dropped in favour of new candidates with better records as regards the issue of good governance.

As one clergy friend who was involved in helping defuse the post-election violence of the 2007 election writes:

“The stakes in the election are high but violence is not expected but anything can happen. Unga (maize meal) is beyond reach and it is becoming a political hot potato.”

So as we process the news of our election here in the UK, we also have our friends in the North Rift on our minds and in our hearts.


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