When Liza was growing up her parents had a print in their living room of a famous painting of springtime in Paris…..in fact it still hangs today above the mantelpiece in Liza’s Mum’s flat. It was always a source of hope to look at it- something about the quality of the light and the colours carried you beyond the daily grind. And for us too hope springs up whilst we sip our coffee each morning, look out onto our own dear little garden and enjoy the flowers and the birds who visit us.

8 weeks oldLiza has been back in Chichester for almost six weeks. Our grandson Huxley is nearly twelve weeks old. He still faces considerable challenges on a daily basis but through it all there are signs of hope and he is such a source of joy to us all.

Life is fairly fast-paced for us most of the time but especially so at the moment.We are happily involved in the life of our Cathedral once again and also in various community projects. We are busy too with family commitments.

News from Kenya is mixed. Our friends in civil society are working hard in the community to keep channels of dialogue open as the country prepares for the general election. The old suspicions and rivalries are still in evidence and over the next few months things will inevitably become even more tense. There are reports of people having been paid to register as voters and financial inducement now being offered to them to commit to vote for specific candidates. Whether or not such reports are true, they can have a destabilising effect in the community.

Our news reports here in the UK are currently  highlighting the horrors of the drought which has now taken hold in East Africa. When we visited Turkana back in 2014 we wrote  about the devastating effects of the drought which the people there were then experiencing. Having seen it at first hand we are now very concerned as our friends in the North Rift have written to say that there has been some rain in the region but not yet sufficient to guarantee this year’s maize harvest.

How we need the sense of hope that Springtime brings!


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