Distribution Diary 23.2.17

This final week has been one of tying up loose ends. Revd. Evelyn and I  worked through the paperwork from the distribution and we also began to put together a waiting list for whenever we have another one. Then the guesthouse was cleaned  ready for this week’s  new occupants and we stored away the equipment left over from last week.

On Saturday I went with my lovely hosts, the Thompsons, to visit the children’s home they run here. Together with a fantastic staff team of local people, they are caring for and educating more than 30 children.

On Wednesday I visited St Paul’s Theological College at Kapsabet and my talk was very well received. The bishop of the newly created diocese was called away to a meeting so I couldn’t see him but I was able to reconnect with several other clergy friends which was great.

Eldoret truly is a home from home for me and I have loved being here and  spending time with several dear friends- it’s going to be hard to leave them but I’m excited that I’ll soon be back with family and friends in the UK.

Flitting between two places certainly takes quite some adjustment.

Tomorrow afternoon I will fly down to Nairobi and then take the night flight back to the UK. Here’s hoping for a somewhat more peaceful journey than the one I had on the way out…..I leave a large part of my heart here but I carry with me a special memento- the beautiful rich red soil which is deeply ingrained in the soles of my feet!

So thanks for joining me on this return trip to Eldoret.

The frequency of our blog posts will now return to our normal UK rhythm- we’ll write as and when we feel we have something that is worth saying.


8 thoughts on “Distribution Diary 23.2.17

  1. Hi David thank you for all the work you have been doing in Eldoret and its environs ,safe travel to Nairobi .

    Can you say hi when you arrive in Nairobi tommorow?

  2. Thank you for visiting St. Paul’s Theological College and donating books to our library. The entire community is grateful for your presentation. Thank you for reminding us that holistic mission is what we are called for. Safe journey to UK and lots of greetings and love to the brethren.

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