Distribution Diary 14.2.17

The guest rooms are prepared, we’ve bought all the food for the lunches during the distribution and we’ve called all the wheelchair recipients- we are good to go.

The Wheels for the World team will arrive tomorrow lunch time and they will see the first ten clients during the afternoon. They’ve been working flat out at Kimilili and we’re hoping they will be able to pace themselves during this last phase of the distribution so that they don’t go back to the UK too exhausted….

Our clients this year are nearly all children and receiving a wheelchair will really transform their lives. For some it will mean being able to sit up properly, something very important in helping to slow the physical deterioration that occurs due to the inability to achieve good posture. For others it will mean access to education, something very highly thought of here in Kenya, and a doorway to greater independence.

For all of our clients receiving a wheelchair will mean knowing that they are valued and not forgotten, something our Kenyan colleagues are working hard here to build into societal attitudes towards people with disabilities.

So we’re ready and waiting and very much looking forward to the next three days.



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