Distribution Diary 10.2.17

This first week has flown by- we’ve achieved a lot so I’m tired but happy as I go into the weekend. Revd. Evelyn and I worked together to collate the client assessment forms which she has been completing over the last few months. I then identified which wheelchairs we might need and sent the information on to the Wheels for the World team who are now safely ensconced at Kimilili.


I had a wonderful reunion on Tuesday with our friend Revd. Maritim Rirei. (On the right)

He was our mentor when we first arrived in Kenya in 2012 and our colleague during all our initial peace work here. He has returned to Kenya from South Africa where he was doing research for his Doctorate and he is now teaching at St Paul’s Theological College in Kapsabet. I brought over some books for the students and have been invited to visit the college during my final week here to present the books and give a talk on “The Holistic Mission of the Church”.

Thankfully the talk will be in English as that’s the language used in higher education here. So in addition to preparing for and helping to carry out the wheelchair distribution, I will now need to find time to think about what on earth I will say to those poor students….

Kenya is currently holding its breath and waiting for the long rains. There are already considerable food shortages in the more arid areas as the last rains were not sufficient. This is always a stressful time for those farmers who don’t have irrigation and it’s currently a matter of urgent prayer in all the churches.

One final piece of very special news. Our grandson Huxley has had his feeding tube removed and Christina and James will hopefully be taking him home soon- it’s four weeks today since his very traumatic arrival in this world. Much rejoicing from all of us!


6 thoughts on “Distribution Diary 10.2.17

  1. Thank you for the visit. Happy to hear the progress of Huxley James. Looking forward to receiving Liza at St. Paul’s Theological College, Kapsabet. Continue praying for her as she prepares her talk and fellowship.

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