Distribution Diary 4.2.17

Good Morning from Eldoret.
I am up, clothed and just about in my right mind after sleeping flat out for 12 plus hours. The migraine I had has gone but my head is still quite fuzzy and I feel a bit fragile. I am sure this is mainly because I had no sleep whatsoever on the flight due to everything that happened.
It was awful.
We were late boarding, initially due to the incoming plane running late. Then as we began to board large numbers of police and uniformed border control people arrived.
I duly entered the plane to discover I was seated in the middle of a group of British soldiers. (You can tell they are soldiers even when they’re not in uniform, can’t you? I certainly can having spent my early years as an army kid in Kenya). However they were not bound for Kenya but were in transit for another country where they were joining a UN peacekeeping force.

Once everyone was seated it all kicked off. A man was brought onto the plane by all the uniformed police. He was being escorted by two enormous men and they were seated in the last row at the back. He started screaming and crying, begging not to be sent back, tearing at his clothes, shouting “Undress me! Look at what they did to me! I cannot go back!”
The police asked the soldiers to swap seats with the families who were sitting near the back and the children moved forward, all crying as the man’s distress was contagious. I asked one of the police officers if they could guarantee our safety as he had just referred to the man as a criminal. Other people were complaining about the noise and saying they were not willing to endure it all the way to Nairobi. Still others were saying things like “Put him in the hold!” The policeman told me we would be quite safe as the man had “outstayed his welcome” and was now being escorted home by the company used by border control in such matters. The man was not Kenyan, only in transit back to another country. A country which does not have a good human rights record.
It went on a long time. I put my fingers in my ears and prayed. I don’t know if the man was a criminal. I don’t know what immigration laws he had broken. I don’t know how true the details were. I only know it was awful. If he was acting then he deserves an Oscar.
Finally the decision was taken by his handlers that he would not fly and so they removed him and we took off.

However peace was not restored as two men (not soldiers) near to me talked throughout the whole flight about what had happened and their somewhat less than moderate approach to this and other matters ensured I stayed wide awake. The whole flight.
I arrived hardly able to think straight and transferred to the domestic terminal which (Hallelujah!) now has a Java coffee shop. So I sipped my coffee and put on my phone. Safaricom welcomed me back and I bought a top up card which did not work. It transpires that if the phone is unused for three months they block it- you can receive but not send so I will have to go into the Safaricom shop and get that sorted.

One hilarious moment when I was clearing security for my onward flight. I kept setting off the alarm. The security team held a conference which involved staring at my chest and talking too fast in Kiswahili for me to understand. Finally they waved me through.
Apparently the underwire in my bra was the guilty party…..

My friend met me at Eldoret. It is so good to be back here.
I popped over to the Diocesan office and was warmly welcomed home.
The Bishop asked to see me and was just lovely. With his naughty twinkle he asked if David was still involved in the politics of injustice now he was back in the UK, especially the refugees…..all I could think of was the man on the plane.

I am resting this weekend and will start work on Monday preparing for the wheelchair distribution.

P.S. I am finally warm. It is wonderful!


16 thoughts on “Distribution Diary 4.2.17

  1. Oh my goodness – poor you what a nightmare journey – I pray that your time in Kenya melts away the stresses of the last few weeks in a bath of sunshine and of warmth from your friends out there
    Big hugs
    Juliet x

  2. You’re right, this really does sound truly awful- for you, for the other passengers, but particularly for the ‘criminal’. How traumatic.
    What will become of him? What will become of all of us if we carry on the way that we are? It’s terrifying and saddening and I don’t know what to do to stop it.

    On another note I’m very glad to hear that you (and your underwire) arrived safely in one piece. 🙂


  3. Dear Liza,

    What a terrible experience. We can’t imagine what you went through. But what are you doing back in Eldoret. Our Mission Prayer group would like to keep up with you and David.

    And please, could you note our current email address as above. We have transferred to gmail as nil world was unreliable.

    Blessings on you,

    John >

    1. Thank you John
      I am back in Eldoret for three weeks to do a wheelchair distribution as a friend of CBR, not in a formal capacity.
      If you have changed your email address you will need to re-follow the blog using your new address as I cannot action that for you.
      We always put any news about Kenya on the blog so that will be the best way to stay in touch.
      Thank you so much for your continued support

  4. Karibu Eldoret. It was a momentous journey and thank God you finally made it! My number remains 0724335852. We could catch up Monday afternoon (Kenyan) time or later on the day of your choice preferably Thursday. A lot to catch up…

  5. Goodness me Liza, I have NO words !!
    I am so glad that you arrived safely and pray that the whole journey makes sense sometime, whenever that may be ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Poor you! You described it so vividly, I could both picture it and hear it! I usually travel with earplugs in anyway as long flights can be very tricky. I wish you well as you commence preparation for the wheelchair distribution. My heart is there….

  7. What an awful experience on that plane…… So glad you are now safely arrived and hoping that, as work starts today, you will have a truly wonderful and rewarding time. Thinking of you…… LS x

  8. Dear Liza, What a traumatic journey – you are one brave woman – I think you’ve reached super hero status in my eyes! Wonderful to hear your friend met you and you slept for 12 healing hours. Hope the wheelchair distribution is off to a good start with you at the helm. My life is very small in comparison – finally got over this flu, which kicked me around for 3 weeks with high fever and zero energy. Ventured to Church yesterday and was lay reader, which I enjoy. then to Love, Poetry and Chocolate at Central Library in the afternoon – a delightful event with local, very talented poets reading their own. Friday I’m off to Bowen Island to be on the leadership team for a 9 day retreat, which will be challenging and rewarding, depending whom I am accompanying! Nick is well, transforming houses, leading a small discipleship group and generally being the beautiful human being he is! Emily and Sarah came to check up on us for a weekend after all the sickness. First time we’d been together without partners and grandkids for 7 years – a real treat! Sarah’s home schooling Willem who’s 7 and the whole family are off to Nicaragua for 6 weeks on Feb 19th – her first holiday for 7 years! Emily is teaching immigrant women and loving it, Jonah is in his first year at school and Isla at 2 is loving the first snow she can remember! we’ve had a huge dump on Vancouver Island very unusual for here. We love hearing from you and any news about Christina, James and Huxley is very welcome. You’re in our prayers Big hugs from us both Joy

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