January dawned full of promise and quickly became a battleground.

On the 13th, his due date, our new grandson, Huxley James was born to our lovely daughter Christina and her wonderful husband James.
The delivery was very complicated and Huxley suffered considerably as the doctors fought to get him out. He was taken to the amazing neo-natal unit at St Thomas’s hospital, London and was in intensive care for 10 days. The prognosis was not good but he has so far exceeded clinical expectations. cutieHe came off the ventilator a week ago and is breathing beautifully. He was assessed for movement and sucking and there are some concerns but many positives. We have yet to see what his future needs will be. For now we watch, wait and pray with them all and enjoy this very beautiful latest addition to our family.

Liza’s trip to Kenya was hanging in the balance but with Huxley now stable we have all decided together to proceed with the trip.
Liza will arrive in Kenya next Friday the 3rd February and will begin preparations for the wheelchair distribution.

She’ll be blogging on a far more frequent basis than we have done of late so you have been duly warned!


14 thoughts on “January

  1. “Praise the LORD! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? Who can declare all His praise?” Psalm 106:1-2. It has been a difficult week for the Cooke’s but let us continue to pray and trust. Prayer warriors are going on with prayers here in Kenya. Looking forward to touching base with Liza. Safe journey

  2. Hi David, Thanks for your latest blog/news. It was a pity you were unable to meet with us in October, particularly as we had made a special trip to Chichester Cathedral to see you and to hear about your work in Kenya. (An apology for not turning up would have been good but there goes.) I trust little Huxley is on the mend and that Liza’s trip to Kenya is successful. I may be in East Africa again in the summer with LCF. All best wishes Ian

    1. Dear Ian
      Liza here.
      As I take responsibility for the mechanics of updating our blog, I have passed your comments on to David. He will respond to you via private email as this is a public forum.
      We hope your trip to Kenya goes really well.

  3. Hope that Huxley continues to improve. Please let us know how Christina is (by message to Cynth). We probably wont see you before you go to Kenya, so good luck with that. John & Cynth xx

  4. ?Sorry about your difficult month. Huxley sounds like a fighter and we pray that he continues to improve. Also our best wishes and prayers for Liza’s next visit to Kenya and that the wheelchair deliveries go smoothly. Is there any news for David on the paid work situation?  (as someone who did not take paid work when we returned from Uganda I always got annoyed when someone asked me if I worked!  I always replied, Yes, but I am not paid for it!) Joan. 

    1. Thank you so much Joan
      Yes, David continues to be very busy but is still currently unpaid for all his endeavours!
      Your ongoing prayers for Huxley and his parents are very much appreciated
      We trust that all is well with both of you
      David and Liza

  5. Thinking of you all at this time GCC & sending healing thoughts for Huxley. Such a lovely little one xxx Mighty Mo x

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