Relinquishing and resuming

Autumn has given way to Advent and we are learning new lessons in how to both relinquish and resume our grip on all manner of things.

Liza really enjoyed her seven weeks back teaching- the boys face many challenges in their lives and learning and yet they have so much to offer, things they can teach us if we can only find the time to pause and listen, relinquishing our grip on how we think things should be.
David is still hopeful of finding gainful employment and in the interim he has been able to resume many of his skills and help to launch an ecumenical initiative in Chichester which will offer spiritual and pastoral support to older people.

After a break of four years, November saw us gathering with our family to celebrate Thanksgiving, this time with the additional blessing of the presence of two of our grandchildren. This in turn required a renewed willingness to relinquish our eldest daughter Lucy and family as they pursue their vocation to a parish in the Far North of New Zealand.

Meanwhile back in Kenya plans are going well for the next wheelchair distribution at Community Based Rehabilitation in Eldoret. Liza will fly out in February to join the diocesan team as once again they work with Wheels for the World to meet the needs of some of the most marginalised people in the community of the North Rift.

So we’re fairly busy in both being and doing and we are very much looking forward to resuming our family Christmas traditions later in the month.


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