Autumn brings good news

And so we enter the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” which also happens to be Liza’s favourite time of the year. It is certainly a season for taking stock and waiting to see what lies ahead.
Our time as mission partners is completed.
Liza is now teaching full time back at her old school and will continue to do so until half term. She is enjoying being back with the boys with all the attendant challenges and joys but she is somewhat tired….
David is still looking for some sort of gainful employment where he will also be able to contribute to something meaningful.

Encouraging news from Community Based Rehabilitation in Eldoret. The staff recently made a follow up visit to one of the children who had received a wheelchair back in February. The change in him is significant- he is so much more animated and engaging with what is going on around him and his parents are thrilled.
Our friends in civil society are working hard in this tricky period of the run up to the elections next year- these are volatile times in Kenya and we think of them often, urging them on in our hearts and minds in all they are striving to do.

One very special piece of family news. Having been told that her chemotherapy six years ago had probably compromised her fertility, our daughter Christina who married James last October is now expecting a baby boy next January.

So much for which we are very thankful.


14 thoughts on “Autumn brings good news

  1. Dear David & Liza

    What wonderful news about Christina. I guess David’s state of unemployed grace will not last for ever – so I trust you are able to enjoyed its blessings while they last.


  2. It is good to hear good news of Marion and James. Thanks be to God for answered prayers. I am certain good will answer David’s prayer.

    Waiting upon God for mercies and grace.

  3. Hello lovely people

    Am so very delighted to hear about Cristina. So very lovely 😀😀. Full time teaching sounds full on Liza. I notice you said until half-term ….

    Sending you love and thanks for birthday card

    Dawn xx


    1. Thanks Dawn
      Yes only to half term when the new teacher comes…..Then I will be able to do supply cover at the school which is what I really wanted to do but they needed someone urgently and in a mad moment I said yes!
      Love to you too

  4. It was good to read about your news, and to see you recently David.
    Could you please phone Sue, she wants to ask your advice, and we can’t find your phone number.
    Love David & Sue x

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