A new season

We are now in our last month with our sending agency, Church Mission Society, and we are so very grateful and appreciative for our time together and their professionalism in preparing and sending us to Kenya, as well as our after care.

Our return to the UK has not been without its challenges.

David has not yet found work, but we are thankful as Liza has been welcomed with open arms by the school at which she taught before our departure, and the salary will meet our immediate needs.

We have been happy to re-connect with old friends and gradually pick up on the threads of UK living, always a challenge when one has been living cross-culturally.

Liza misses her Kenyan friends; she misses their kindness and selfless care for others, their resilience under pressure and their faithfulness to God and humanity even when they themselves have so little. Community Based Rehabilitation continues in our absence, as we hoped, but it remains woefully underfunded, and there is no obvious rescuer in sight on any horizon.

But we are encouraged by the news of the hard work of our friend Paul Korir, the newly appointed and first Bishop of Kapsabet. As we mentioned before, an example of his application is his rapid visit to the Borderlands (where David was carrying out peace-building work) as soon as trouble broke out- a new departure for the diocese. His energy and dedication to the health of the new diocese are breathtaking.

So as we have noticed the early signs of a new season here in the glorious countryside of West Sussex, we acknowledge that we personally are entering a new season and who knows what lies ahead? Just as when we first went to Kenya we greet each new opportunity with some trepidation and much joy!


4 thoughts on “A new season

  1. Thank you both for your faithful work in keeping in close touch with your Link Parishes. You have helped us to feel we were there in Kenya with you. We will continue to pray that God will guide you into the future.

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