July, a month of firsts and lasts

We’ve been fairly busy this last month doing a whole bunch of stuff.

We’ve made some visits to various parishes – it’s been lovely to see people again and to be able to thank them in person for their partnership with us in mission.
We’ve also had news from Community Based Rehabilitation in Eldoret. The Director, the Revd. Evelyn Jerotich, wrote to us to let us know that she had received a phone call from the mother of one of the teenagers we were able to fit with a wheelchair back in February.
It’s the rainy season in the North Rift at the moment and previously this would have meant the mother slipping and sliding in the mud in the attempt to carry the child or the child herself having to crawl on the ground, often in very unhygienic conditions. Life has been transformed for them- such encouraging news.
Meanwhile here in the UK we’ve also had a month of firsts and lasts. We have helped one of our daughters move into her own flat and we’ve had two of our grandchildren come to stay overnight with us for the first time without their parents.
What’s more, we attended a Mission conference back at All Nations where we did our cross-cultural studies 34 years ago- a real bookend for us in this chapter of our Kenya story.
Finally, at the end of the month we gathered with our family to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

August looks like it’s going to be somewhat quieter!


6 thoughts on “July, a month of firsts and lasts

  1. Glad you had good news from Kenya, and for sending us your mails. I will mention it in our Sept. church magazine.  Lynn hasn’t managed to send much news as the power is off most of the time. Still, CMS has sent a lot of news in the weekly Prayer paper..   We were down in Bognor for 1 night last week to visit an old friend (old in all ways at 95!) with whom I shared a house in Uganda. I did wonder if I would contact you but decided time was a bit short. Long drives are not our thing these days and we were very tired by the time we reached the town.  I had forgotten how windy Bognor is, we had to hold on to each other walking back along the promenade from supper. Hope you are feeling well settled now in UK love Joan

  2. Hi,
    My wife Sally and I have just been to Chichester for the day from the Isle of Wight.
    We visited the cathedral and saw your prayer news.
    I am about to retire as senior partner of RJR Solicitors on the IOW and last month I went with a group of 12 lawyers and law students linked with Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and BMS World Mission to support Christian lawyer groups in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.
    I was very interested to hear about your work in Kenya and that you were senior partner of a firm before you and your wife went to East Africa.
    Perhaps we can meet up sometime. I retire fully at the end of September and I am hoping to be involved with the lawyers in East Africa in the future.
    I did a blog which you may wish to look at https://ianprattblog.wordpress.com

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