Some mixed news

We are just back from the West Country where we went on retreat and then had a short break on the beautiful Isles of Scilly. It was a very special oasis of peace during these turbulent times. The referendum happened whilst we were away (we’d voted by post) and at the same time we also received some mixed news from Eldoret.

Down in the Borderlands where our colleagues continue to work hard for peace and stability, there have unfortunately been some serious outbreaks of violence. Several people have sustained injuries and there has also been loss of life. In part this has been due to a resurgence in cattle rustling but as ever these things are more complex than at first seems. This is now the run-up to next year’s general election so once again long-standing roots of conflict are sprouting new shoots which are being watered by some unscrupulous people in order to further their own ends.
We are very grateful that a friend of ours has been appointed as Bishop of the newly created Anglican diocese in the area. He is a remarkable man and within hours of the outbreak of trouble he was on the ground seeing what could be done to contain the situation. Where there are people like him and the grassroots peace activists working for the common good there will always be hope.

Bit like here really.

P.S. Several people have asked us  if we are going to talk again locally  about our work in Kenya  so we thought we’d let you know that we have been invited to take the sermon slot during the 11.00 am Eucharist at Chichester Cathedral on Sunday 17th July. You’d be very welcome to join us.


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