“But it’s raining, raining in my heart.”

Buddy Holly knew what he was singing about, he really did.

As we have been enjoying the beauty of the English countryside in Spring we hear from our friends in Eldoret that the long rains are now well established. We can almost smell and taste the rain and we miss the place and the people in equal measure.

The news from Community Based Rehabilitation is encouraging.

Just before we left Kenya funds were donated from Australia for CBR to purchase our car from us so that the field work could continue and this is happening albeit  in a small way for now.  The organisation is also continuing to reap the benefits of our intensive visitation programme in the first part of this year prior to the wheelchair distribution and at the recent Doctors’ clinic 120 clients visited the centre and 50 of them were new.

Our colleagues in civil society also write that they are continuing to work hard towards building a fairer and more just society.

So hopefully, it won’t rain forever…….




8 thoughts on ““But it’s raining, raining in my heart.”

  1. Good news all round. So pleased for you to know that things are not falling apart and the rains are keeping the food growing.  (just enough difference for you to know that you are missed badly but that others are building on the work you started!) If you meet Mavis, (Maria Theresa) give her my love and say I am glad we plod on together!) Joan

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