A bit of a turn up for the books

As we were preparing to leave Kenya over a month ago we were asked several times how we thought we would adjust to life back in the UK. We confidently predicted that one of us would struggle and the other would be fine.

Which indeed is what has happened.

However it has happened the opposite way round from what we so confidently predicted…..

No doubt over the next few weeks and months it  will shift again from the one to the other but it just goes to show that no amount of self-knowledge is a guarantee for how we will feel once we are in a situation.

We have now recovered from our various illnesses and are starting our tour of the south of England to  visit various groups to talk about our work.

Apropos of which, if any of you are near to Chichester you are most welcome to join us for our “Welcome Home” event at the Vicar’s Hall, Chichester Cathedral on Wednesday 11th May, 6.00pm for a 6.30 start.

Meanwhile our friends in the North Rift are continuing the good work of peace-building and supporting people with disabilities and they too write of how they are adapting to our absence.

Poignant times.


4 thoughts on “A bit of a turn up for the books

  1. Hi David,

    So what’s next on the agenda?
    Any thoughts of going back to another place?
    What about South Sudan – know that a lot of help could be of use there. AE is working closely with the Anglican church there and doing ground level reconciliation seminars.



    1. Hi Lynn
      Liza here- I have let David know about your comment but thought I’d make an initial reply so you knew we’d seen it. If we had been able to do so we would have stayed in Eldoret but for various reasons we need to be in the UK at the moment.
      Thanks for thinking of us though.

  2. Dear David and Liza I’m really sorry that I shall not be able to be with you on 11th May at the Vicar’s Hall event. I have booked to be away on retreat at Sheldon that week. Do keep me in the frame if you have anything similar arranged elsewhere. God Bless Marion

    1. Thanks so much Marion
      We’re at St James the Less, Lancing this coming Sunday. All our other talks are not really very local but we will let you know if that changes.
      Enjoy Sheldon- we’re due there in June on retreat and are very much looking forward to it!

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