Safely in the UK but it’s all a bit odd

We’ve been back in Chichester just under two weeks and a few people have got in touch to check we’re OK. Sorry for the radio silence. Our first day back we both succumbed to a vile bug which just seems to have gone away only to return, so we have been mainly at home.

It was predictably hard to leave Eldoret but it is lovely to be here. However it’s all a bit odd too. One wonderful thing happened just before we left. We made our first ever visit to the Maasai Mara, something we’d longed to do but had never thought would be possible. We went with our good friends the Thompsons who used to live and work with the Maasai and we spent the Easter weekend in the glorious Mara. Such a joy!

We’re now in the process of getting our geriatric car back on the road so that we can begin making our trips around the country to see and thank our supporters.

Our friends in Eldoret write that they miss us but that all is well.

So we remain both here and there in our thoughts and feelings but we look forward to seeing some of you soon.


12 thoughts on “Safely in the UK but it’s all a bit odd

  1. Thank you very much for information on your settling down physically in Chichester but in Eldoret “spiritually.” Thank good for safe journey and getting back to your feet after a few hiccups caused by the bug. mbarikiwe.

  2. I can’t imagine how odd (and cold!) it must be for you now you’re back in Blighty. They say reverse culture shock can be far harder to deal with and being ‘home’ difficult to navigate.
    Please be kind to yourselves as you adapt.
    I’m so proud of you both and all you’ve done. Amazing and inspiring.
    Thank you.xx

  3. You should find after a while that you slip automatically back into things you thought you’d forgotten. But yes, reverse culture shock can be difficult to handle. I hadn’t grown up in England so for me it was a foreign country that I only really knew from short visits and had to get used to on a day to day basis. The first thing that struck me was how cold and grey and lacking in bright light it was. But that’s the temperate zone for you: there are many pluses. Welcome back!

  4. Hi David & Liza
    Welcome back.
    We thank God for your ministry in Kenya and pray that the Lord would continue to protect you both as you share your experiences with supporters around the country.
    Hope to see you soon.
    With love in Christ

  5. Hi GCC glad to see you are back in the UK. I am in Spain on holiday for 2 weeks so will email you when I get home. Lol MAB x

  6. Thank you for finding us at Agnellus Mirror. There will be stories from Africa from time to time, but now my daughter is no longer at Chichester, that connection is more tenuous. (She was Otter Scholar). I hope you continue to find your feet in England. Our African sisters were still wearing cardigans on Sunday!

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