Practice makes perfect

This is the third year in a row that we have carried out a wheelchair distribution at CBR in partnership with Wheels for the World.
We have grown and learned so much, improving our practice to the point that this last week’s work was -dare we say it without risking sounding arrogant?- almost perfect.
So many factors came into play. Things like planning, cross-cultural understanding, problem-solving and graciousness to name but a few.

Wheels 2016 (1) The week started with the hard graft of cleaning all 140 chairs as they were covered in mould- a mystery as to why but well worth the effort as they looked fabulous when we’d finished.
Then the Wheels team worked with CBR staff and volunteers from the community, both missionary and local people, to assess each client and customise a wheelchair for them. They all received lunch, counselling and prayer if they so wished.

One man with a spinal injury spent the whole day with us whilst we worked to get both him and the Wheels 2016 (6)wheelchair to the point of being ready. His family were over-whelmed by the holistic care they received and asked many questions about the motivations behind the distribution.

And we replied in unison with St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians that “The love of Christ urges us on.”

Love, so much love.


10 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. Congratulations!! ย and lovely pictures. they will all be enlarged on our CMS notice board tomorrow. Thanks. We have been praying and its so good to hear the news so quickly. Joan

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