“Rain, rain go away, Come again another day!”

It’s mid- February and usually at this time of the year here in the North Rift we would be battling a scorching sun and so much red dust that you honestly despair that you, your house or your clothes will ever be properly clean again.

But not this year.

We were warned that El Nino would make its presence felt and it really has done so. The late rains of last year went on and on into January. There then followed a few days of dry heat but not nearly as much as we’d normally expect. It looks like the long  rains expected in March have come early, perhaps far too early.
The rain is falling rhythmically on the tin roof of our front porch and the fresh, clean smell is pervading our little house. We’re fine but others not so much.

So much of our work is amongst people who live by subsistence farming. Some of our friends are larger scale farmers looking to be able to use the sale of their produce to educate their children and secure their future.

This new weather pattern is bad news for all of them as regards this year’s harvest and who knows the implications for the future?

Next week we have the wheelchair distribution and many of our clients live in inaccessible areas of the interior. Heavy rain will surely impede their travel.

“Rain, rain go away
Come again another day!”


5 thoughts on ““Rain, rain go away, Come again another day!”

  1. Hi david and Liza did you get my email about visiting you in eldoret? We are flying to Nairobi on Sunday Feb 21st and then plan to fly to eldoret on Thursday morning 25th before going onto Bungoma. Are you still around then or will you have returned to UK? please reply. David and Jill

  2. Are you still around on Feb 25th when we will be arriving in eldoret from Nairobi on way to Bungoma? If so would love to see you. Please confirm asap. David and Jill

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi David
      We replied to your last comment on our previous blog but perhaps you missed that? Yes we are around but we will be in the middle of the wheelchair distribution.
      Please email me and we will see what we can do

      1. Hi Liza
        thanks for replying. No i didnt see your reply. We could fly to Eldoret either on wednesday or Thursday – morning or evening- as long as we get to Bungoma by Thursday evening. If you are free at all on the wednesday we could fly then. But i understand if you are very busy. Hope to see you. David

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