That’s a bit better!

We’ve had some recent encouragement in both expected and unexpected ways- thank you to all who have expressed concern and have prayed for the situation here- we are very happy to be able to post this update.

Ten days ago the Kenyan newspaper the Daily Nation ran a story which gave us hope for the Borderlands situation. One of the trigger points for violence within that community has been the issue of cattle rustling. We had already established that this was being carried out through organised crime rather than by the two communities in conflict and for six months early last year it had stopped whilst a notorious criminal was being detained in prison.
Some time before Christmas this man escaped from prison and the cattle rustling began again leading to the more recent outbreaks of violence with which our peace activists have been contending. To cut a long story short the newspaper reported that this man had been killed by security forces during an attempted arrest- very sad for his family but with the welcome result that peace has begun to return to the Borderlands. There have since been further arrests of other people who have been catalysts for violence in that area so things are looking much more hopeful.

Then last week after having had to jump through several new hoops as well as the usual hurdles with which we’re familiar, our container cleared at Mombasa and arrived safely at our office. A team of volunteers helped us unload the wheelchairs which are now all securely stored away awaiting next month’s distribution.

Even the lorry drivers helped!


6 thoughts on “That’s a bit better!

  1. So pleased to hear this news, thanks be to God!  though one would rather the man had turned round his life, it will mean that you will feel more hopeful about the situation when you leave.  Good news re the wheelchairs too. We will pray now for the safe distribution. We hope that you will be able to visit us perhaps in June (the CMS month) to sign off. Meanwhile we are working with CMS to find a new Mission Partner. We will be sorry to lose you as you have been so good about writing and keeping in touch. Thank you for that. Apologies that I have not been in contact recently. I have had a few medical problems recently (these things happen in the 80s!)  and I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and a kidney inspection next Tuesday. Our church wardens and PCC are busy composing Parish Profiles, Advertisements and all the things that the Anglican Church require in the search for a new Vicar Our prayers are with you as you cope with the last few months God’s Blessing Joan

    1. Thank you Joan and sorry to hear about your health challenges. It would be great to visit you all in June, please do contact us via email to confirm a date.
      We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future- we have so appreciated your support
      David and Liza

  2. Hi Have watched and prayed through your amazing time in Kenya.Especially pleased about the ongoing WFW connection and the container arriving. Getting things out of Mombassa without being charged extra is always a challenge. Loved the stories re giving or not giving money I see after all this time it is still a finely honed art.

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