Let’s start as we mean to go on

Or perhaps not……
We had a restful break over Christmas during which we visited Lake Baringo where we watched the hippos cavorting in the shallows and rushed around with our field guide identifying some stunningly beautiful birds like the Pied Kingfisher and the Monarch Flycatcher.
Then with the arrival of the new year we once again hit the ground running and David in particular hasn’t stopped since- January started with some challenging news from the borderlands where one of our most faithful peace activists has been attacked and injured. He was taken to hospital and is now slowly recovering at home but the incident has shaken things up again- we’d value your prayers for this situation.
There is still so much work to be done within that community and for us there is such a sense that our time is running out- not an easy thing to deal with and it leaves us feeling somewhat out of sorts.
However we have every intention of giving it our best shot over these last few weeks so watch this space.


4 thoughts on “Let’s start as we mean to go on

  1. The hippos sound wonderful ❤️
    Thinking of you both a great deal as you enter this last phase of work dear friends xxxxx

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