A little knowledge is a dangerous thing……

…..especially if you have a tendency to open your mouth before engaging your brain or are convinced of your own rectitude!

There’s been a lot of that recently and truth to tell we’ve not escaped the trap ourselves.

Here’s some examples:

• Deciding that the recent vile bug we had was Malaria- tests proved otherwise
• Cape Horn is in South Africa- said categorically, confidently but oh so wrongly
• If you see a snake spit at it, human saliva is venomous to snakes- helpful advice, not
• When asked in Kiswahili if I wanted a second helping of lunch I replied in Kinandi “But we have already said grace.”
• The population of a local suburb is 400,000- said convincingly by one expat worker. Actually it is reckoned by the recent census here as 70,000

Can you hazard a guess as to which of these were our very own errors?

Note to selves: Sometimes it pays to think before you speak


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