You really do just never know…..

Whilst we were back in the UK on leave we bought ourselves new diaries to bring back here with us. We both began transferring information into them as part of planning for our work in the run up to our departure next year.
In the middle of this task we received a phone call from one of our Kenyan colleagues, a retired head-teacher who volunteers at CBR. He had been admitted to hospital in a severe hypertensive state and had had a mild stroke. Devastating news for us all and deeply challenging for his family as hospital treatment here is not free of charge and his pension is nothing like what we would expect back in the UK.
Our primary concern is of course for him but his incapacitation has significant implications for our fieldwork at CBR. We can work to solve those problems but our friend’s situation is another story. He appears to be remarkably stoic about it all. For us it has been a timely reminder that we really don’t know what the future will bring and although it’s good to plan ahead we need to hold those plans both lightly and prayerfully.


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