Home leave

We’re safely back in Eldoret having had a very special time in the UK.
Highlights of this trip were spending time with our family and being able to attend the Sung Eucharist at our Cathedral in Chichester.
Then of course there was the wedding and what a wonderful day we had!
A moving ceremony at Boxgrove Priory and a beautiful reception at Upwaltham Barns. Seeing a daughter who has been a double gift- both at birth and then as a survivor of cancer- marry such a wonderful man is really quite enough for any parent so we are very thankful. It was also good fun presenting them with a traditional gift sent by our Nandi friends as a symbol of blessing.
We are now entering our final six months of this assignment here in the North Rift so we will be busy planning with our Kenyan colleagues for the sustainability of the work and doing what we can to continue building a more just and inclusive society.
Oh, and in the short term hopefully recovering from the vile colds we’ve managed to bring back with us from the UK….


6 thoughts on “Home leave

  1. So glad you are safely back to Kenya and what a wonderful photo of the wedding. It must have been a glorious day! Look forward to seeing you both in April. Much love to both, Lynn and Paul xx

  2. Continuing to pray for you both as you come towards the conclusion of your ministry in Kenya. With love in Christ. Peter.

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