October’s whistle stop tour

Tomorrow we will drive down to Nairobi to catch the night flight back to the UK for a whistle stop tour, otherwise known as our annual leave.

This time we will be busier than ever so we apologise in advance that we will not be able to meet up with as many people as we normally would have done.

We will be joining as a family- the first time in more than five years that we will all have been together in one place- to celebrate the marriage of our youngest daughter Christina and James.

Our eldest daughter Lucy will travel from New Zealand, her husband Dino will be officiating at the wedding and we will meet our latest grandchild and no doubt be astonished by the growth and changes with the other three.

So we’ll be going quiet for a while and will post again at the end of the month once we are safely back in Kenya.


10 thoughts on “October’s whistle stop tour

  1. How exciting and fantastic
    Maybe you can squeeze in a Graham tipple or nibble but understand if you can’t ! Hope the wedding is wonderful and how lovely to meet your grandchild xx

  2. You are both an inspiration to us and many others I imagine! Enjoy your well deserved leave. Wonderful to hear about Christina and James and that your whole family will be together again. A very special celebration! Love and blessings – Nick and Joy

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