This one got under our skin

When you work with marginalised people your heart is touched on a daily basis yet for sanity’s sake you have to choose to do only what you know is possible. Then sometimes somebody gets under your skin to such an extent that you know you must go that proverbial extra mile.
When the team came from the UK for the wheelchair distribution there were two clients who greatly touched their hearts and they went back home wanting to know more about them and to help them if they could.
They asked us to go out into the community and find the elderly man and the young boy.
Easier said than done as both clients were not previously known to us. But nothing ventured, nothing gained so we approached our good friend Tarno who had acted as an interpreter for us during the distribution and got him to do some detective work.
Then early one morning we set off deep into the heart of Nandi county to a place called Selia.
We called at the Chief’s office as a matter of courtesy and we were so glad that we did.
Chief Sitienei is a remarkable man. He knows his area well and he really cares about his people. He gave us a drink and whilst we sipped our sodas he efficiently mobilised the local community. We then drove up hill and down dale as he took us to visit the people he had identified. We ended up seeing eleven clients in total one of whom was the boy we had been asked by the team from the UK to search for in the villages. 18.6 (8)
His smile was as beautiful as ever. His wheelchair continues to delight him. His mother cares for him and his six siblings on her own and life is challenging for the family.

We look forward to bringing him to Eldoret to see a doctor and to giving him and his mother a clear diagnosis about his condition and a plan for his future care.


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