We live in a town here in the North Rift of Kenya but thankfully despite the rapidly expanding urban environment there are still enough trees and bushes to provide cover and food for a whole range of birds. Every single day, if we are able to pause for long enough and listen we are treated to a symphony of birdsong. Our garden  is visited by Sunbirds, Chats, Ibis, Superb Starlings, Cordon-bleu and Mousebirds to name but a few.
And that’s not forgetting the Nightjar who continues to cheer us through the night watch.

The birds have often reminded us to stop and listen and it’s something we regularly need to be doing.

This poem written by Malcolm Guite, an Anglican priest in the UK, has proved to be our inspiration as we’ve stopped and listened this week.

How about you, what have you heard recently that has inspired you?


4 thoughts on “Birdsong

  1. The birdsong in Kenya is wonderful, so many sounds new to English ears, unnamed but enjoyed. Each spring, when the birds begin to sing again in their mixed chorus after a near-silent winter, I am thankful to a God who keeps the seasons going around, even without our interference, and who provides us with such delights.

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