All in a day’s work?

This coming Saturday will see the start of our wheelchair distribution at CBR. We are busy making the final preparations for what we hope will be a remarkable ten days. Last week saw Liza and our fieldworker off road again in Nandi County looking for potential wheelchair recipients. We expect scorching sun during field trips. We expect slushy mud. We expect to meet with all manner of wonderful people. We encountered all of these things. However this week was a first for us in the field. Having picked up two village elders who had mobilised the local community, Liza was driving down the road when one of them yelled “Stop, we must go inside!” Liza duly stopped, gathered her things and went inside to assess the client. But there was no client. It transpired that this was the woman’s shop where she sells curios. Suddenly, it was all kerfuffle with everyone singing in Kinandi and Liza being decorated in traditional dress. A little bit unnerving but great fun too.     Yes, all in a day’s work.         Also, we are thrilled to announceNandi dress the safe arrival in NZ of our fourth grandchild, Elizabeth-Anna Jessica, Beth-Ann for short. She was born by emergency c section and we are thankful that all is well. Lucy, Dino and JayJay are enjoying her!

First bath
First bath

10 thoughts on “All in a day’s work?

  1. What a wonderful story…. brilliant photo of Liza 🙂 And great news about Beth-Ann.

    Hoping the wheelchair distribution goes really well.

    Lots of love to you both xx

  2. Love the outfit Liza! Expect the unexpected eh!? So very delighted about Lucy’s news too. Looking at FB, they all look so happy. Wonderful. Love to you both, and thanks for updates. Dawn xx ps Maggie would like to get your updates too. X

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn
      Maggie needs to visit our blog, click on the parallel lines to open the admin bit and then sign up to receive updates via email. We can’t make it send them, she has to initiate it herself.
      Love to you from both of us. x

  3. I love the picture, looking good Liza! Glad all is going well, you’re always in our thoughts & prayers

  4. I’m not wanting to sound cultrually disrespectful Liza, but is that supposed to be a bikini top..? Bit drafty don’t you think!?
    Love to you both Mx

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