David has been busy!

Cattle rustling has been a big problem in West Songhor, our main area for peace-building.

But on Easter Monday Chief Maurice told me that not a single cow has been taken since December.

So he is very happy as he now looks very good in the monthly reports he makes to the national security people.

And we give thanks to God, as cattle rustling is one of the major flashpoints in the Borderlands.

Even more encouraging, our Easter Monday Peace Rally went off very well.

Revd. Rirei entertains the children
Revd. Rirei entertains the children

We had three teams playing netball, and four playing very competitive football.
All was laughter, colour, movement and screams of joy as the home teams scored!

Our attempt to lower local rivalry by re-naming the teams as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal – people are mad about the English Premier League here – was a bright idea that made little difference to home fans, whose teams – both named Chelsea- duly won in both tournaments!

“Such a thing has never been seen before, everybody is talking about it”, reported Mzee Otiato, a leading local peace activist, the next day.

Another recently self-appointed helper commented that he had received 70 congratulatory phone calls, no doubt something to do with his generous use of the microphone and offering lengthy commentary during the football tournament!

So, we had some 50 players of football and 35 netball players, plus officials, from four local towns. And we added two extra rules- all teams were mixed tribe, and no use of mother tongues on the pitch/court.

Some players were barefoot, some without previous practice because they have no netball court or ball, few had any uniform colours, but, oh, such excitement, such delight!

The football pitch has patches of sharp rock, slopes badly, offers a horribly uneven bounce, and has a well worn diagonal path cut across it by motorbikes, but nothing dampened the enjoyment.

David rallies the teams
David rallies the teams

And so, as we say here, “tunandelea”, we are going on. Some have asked for a ladies soccer league. Others want rings, poles and their own netball court. And we need to consider mixed-tribe activities for the non-athletic youth. This was a high point in the journey, but the travelling goes on.

Do join us in these excursions.

Safari njema!


7 thoughts on “David has been busy!

  1. I thank God for the good work you are all doing. Am very encouraged. Be blessed as you minister in this area.

  2. Hi David & Liza
    Great to hear of what the Lord is continuing to do through your ministry.
    Continuing to pray for you both.
    With love in Christ
    Ps what happened to West Ham United?!

  3. That last post made me smile what a fun event with such a positive outcome. You should let the premier leagues know and ask for team sponsorship x

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