Hearts lurch and hearts soar

The last three weeks have been exhausting as we awaited the arrival of the wheelchair consignment from the UK. The container reached Mombasa at the end of February and we immediately hit problems with clearing customs. Our hearts lurched each and every time Revd. Evelyn’s ring tone echoed down the corridors of the CBR centre.
Whilst we waited, holding our breath, we had the bi-monthly doctors’ clinic and identified lots more people in desperate need of our container’s contents.
Oh how we prayed!
Finally, we heard that we had been cleared to go and that the container was on a lorry wending its way from Mombasa up to the North Rift, climbing steadily from sea level to 2150 metres- it’s some journey and many lorries don’t make it so we were very relieved when the driver called to say he had reached Eldoret. Container arrives (1)
After a few shenanigans getting the lorry into the compound we were finally able to unload the consignment which is now safely locked up awaiting the distribution in May.

We ate a celebratory beef stew together in the centre kitchen and we laughed a lot.



8 thoughts on “Hearts lurch and hearts soar

  1. Dear David and Liza

    In Norwich on Monday 16 March the CMS Fellowship Group prayed for release of the container and for its safe transport to you. We are so pleased that our trickle of prayer, joined with all the others flowing your way, became powerful enough to overcome this deadlock.

    We shall continue to pray for all you efforts and for all those you are striving to help.

    With very blessing on both of you. We look forward to your future news.

    Pauline Hill

    Member of CMS

    Sent from my iPad


  2. As part of the “Wheels” team who’ll be visiting in May, I was delighted to read this post! Last weekend the team met each other for the first time and our hearts soared too as we planned and prepared and looked forward to the distribution at Eldoret and nearby venues. Feel sure God’s going to do some amazing things that first week in May!! Love from Christine

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