Safely home and right back in at the deep end!

We have returned from New Zealand where we had a wonderful time with our daughter Lucy, her husband Dino and their delightful little boy JayJay. Christmas Day was spent first at a service and then at a picnic, both on the same beach where the first Anglican missionary preached on Christmas Day 200 years ago using  the text “Glad tidings of great joy”. It was very moving to be there.

Our journey to New Zealand and back was fairly overwhelming- we are certainly not as physically resilient as we used to be- but it was worth it to be with family and in such a beautiful part of the world. We spent a day driving to the northernmost point of the country to Cape Reinga which is a sacred place for the Maori people. There we looked out at the extraordinary sight of the meeting point of two oceans, the Pacific and the Tasman. From time to time, the water  becomes really quite turbulent as the hidden energy of two forces in opposition surges up to the surface. Then it appears that the waters of the two oceans perform a kind of dance as they attempt to negotiate their way into each other’s territory and settle for a while. As often seems to happen with us, this phenomenon of the natural world spoke powerfully and deeply, preparing us for the news we have just received on our return to Eldoret. There have been some worrying setbacks in the work for peace in the Borderlands. Powerful energies have erupted once again in some terrible acts of violence and the peace activists are at full stretch.

So this week we will begin again the process of listening, encouraging, negotiating, working with the authorities and praying for peace to prevail.


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