The eagle and the ant

Our Kenyan friends are good at drawing analogies from the natural world- a bit like in the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament. So in beginning to look at some things in our own lives we’ve taken a leaf out of their book and focused on the eagle and the ant.
The eagle flies high and sees for miles, taking in the grand sweep, the big picture. This is all well and good when the big picture is encouraging , inspiring or beautiful. It’s a lot harder when the vista is one of large scale suffering or devastation.
The ant knows how to focus on what is in the direct vicinity, working hard to create shelter and find food, working especially hard on behalf of others. This is all well and good when the details of the work are fruitful and something recognisable is being built. It’s a lot harder when the vista is one of hard slog and not nearly enough progress appears to be being made.
Despite some very good stuff that has happened recently, the last three weeks have been quite tough. There have been some things we’ve worked towards which appear to have fallen to the ground. There have also been two children we found during CBR fieldwork and we possibly didn’t reach them in time to avert disaster and we await the outcome. We have both had bad stomachs and we are both quite tired. We’re also concerned about the welfare of several people near and dear to us.
So today we are stepping aside to rest a little, reflect on life and regain perspective.

The eagle and the ant are going to chat awhile- they’ve both got things to learn!


17 thoughts on “The eagle and the ant

  1. Watching the ants, we don’t have too many eagles here in Bournemouth! Love watching the hawks and other looking for food on the heaths and motorways. Praying for your time aside, a specific Jesus promise. Love Greg’s new hybrid, perhaps a jewel to be seen? Lots of love from the south coast.

  2. It certainly is a tricky call, as to the balance between the ant & the eagle. Important to plan, take a long view etc, but when you are up to your arse in alligators, it is difficult to remember that your objective is to drain the swamp.

  3. Sometimes it is good for both eagle and ant to pause, reflect, and re-charge their energy levels.
    Hope you feel better soon. God’s blessings to you both for the work you are doing.
    Love David & Sue x

  4. Totally identify with the analogy we too have had a time of challenge following my Dads death ,Mum hospilised and delayed funeral to re arrange but we were in our comfortable safe environment. I am praying for you to know a sense of security and serenity and special touch from the creator whilst in a tough environment dealing with life’s problems and unpredictability .

    1. Thank you very much, Jacky
      So sorry to hear your news- David hardly ever goes on to Facebook so we hadn’t realised you had been going through all of this,….you will all be in our prayers too.
      Much love from us both.

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