Eavesdropping Perils

Every time we fly between the U.K. and Kenya we play a little game we’ve invented where we try to guess the life stories of some of our fellow travellers based on the snippets of conversation we’ve overheard as they chat with one another or on their phones. It can be quite amusing and sometimes a little irritating as we hear people making generalisations and judgements about a whole lot of stuff. One of the more amusing stories we’ve overheard featured the imminent extinction of tigers in Africa. Doubtless our own stories about these people lack crucial details which would give a more nuanced picture and so we’re well aware of the perils of partial eavesdropping.
We’ve faced a similar challenge during this leave in the U.K. when trying to answer the question “How have things been going in Kenya?” To answer briefly runs the risk of presenting a monochrome image, to answer in depth runs the risk of overwhelming others with unnecessary detail. We too occasionally found ourselves attempting to explain misapprehensions resulting from things that had been overheard!
We’re not at all sure we got it right, but we’re so glad to have seen some of you and we’re grateful for the many conversations that we did have.
We’re safely back in Nairobi now with some meetings today and then tomorrow we’ll drive back up to Eldoret. It was hard saying “Goodbye” this time, so our family are very much in our hearts and prayers as we return to our work here.
We’ll be plunging straight back into another fairly busy patch so your continued support means a great deal to us.
Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Eavesdropping Perils

  1. We loved your impromptu drop in and the sharing of your wine and our nibbles :0)
    We love you guys, you are in our hearts and minds and many family conversations to xxxxx

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