Tell me again, what day is it today?

Many of you will know of the Myers Briggs personality profile. When we were preparing to come to Kenya and were doing our orientation with CMS we revisited this and were once again made aware that one of us is a strong J and the other a strong P, which we have discovered can be both a stressful and a creative combination. As our work here with the Eldoret diocese has continued we have become aware of how culture as well as personality influences these matters.
So in this final run-up to our returning to the UK next week for some leave we have been disgruntled/ stressed/ amused in equal measure by all these factors coming into play. Our lives have been a whirlwind sweeping us along from place to place and will hopefully drop us safely at the airport in Nairobi next Tuesday!

Here are some of the stops we’ve made in recent days:
• We have been joined as a complete but albeit very welcome surprise by a young graduate in Peace Studies from the U.S. Her name is Delaney Ozmun and we’re really looking forward to working with her over the coming year. As we are about to go on leave, we’ve included her in our whirlwind experience to facilitate her orientation. It’s probably a good thing that she’ll have some time to recover whilst we are away….
• Our Kenyan colleague who works with David on the interface between civil society and the Government is about to fly to China for a seminar. So David has been driving to and fro on his own to meetings in Nandi County to finalise some things needing action during both their absences

• Our CBR fieldtrips have taken us on several long journeys into the interior to community baraza (meetings) where we have identified many new clients for next month’s clinic

The community gathers
The community gathers

• We heard this week that another church in Eldoret is expecting a wheelchair consignment whilst we are away and so we have also been scurrying around trying to mobilise clients whom we can bring in from the interior for what will be a life-transforming gift to them
• With just 24 hours notice we delivered a two hour training session on communication skills in conflict management to 200 men from the Kenyan Anglican Men’s Association. Needless to say, the J in our joint personality profile found this far more stressful than the P. In the end it went well and it involved the bonus of a beautiful drive down into the Rift Valley

• We’ve both also been preaching on a regular basis as honorary Lay Readers in various churches in the rural parish of our good friend Maritim Rirei
• Between times we’ve done things which can be very time-consuming here: sorting the car, paying the rent, doing the household chores which also includes harvesting things like this. Yum!

We’re very much looking forward to some R & R in the coming days.
One last technical point as we’ve had a couple of questions. If you want to follow this blog you need to click on the three horizontal parallel lines at the top right hand corner of the page and it will open a window with a sign up button. If you’d like to comment on a post you need to click on the title of the post and it will activate the comment facility.
Please do comment on our posts- it helps us feel in contact with other people and we really do welcome your observations.

So we’re signing off for a while and hope to see some of you back in Blighty.


16 thoughts on “Tell me again, what day is it today?

  1. Liza.
    I always read your bloggs with great interest. You are an amazing couple and inspire me to be more compassionate in everything that I do. Enjoy your R&R in England – you deserve it.

    Sue (ex Littlegreen!) xx

  2. Hello Lovely Cookes-sorry not to have commented for a while-love reading about what you do, and are those avocados?-they look amazing
    Hope to see you back here?
    lots of love all the Grahams x

    1. Hi Juliet, no need to apologise we just wanted to encourage people to comment as we find outside perspectives really helpful.
      Needless to say encouragement like this is really lovely to receive! Yes they are avocados and they taste soooo good. It would be lovely to see you. Love to you all.
      David and Liza

  3. Ha! We know about the J/P combination very well….. 🙂

    You guys are quite amazing and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Lots of love Lynn and Paul x

  4. Avocados straight from the tree rather than from Waitrose? Life has some compensations then? Looking forward to seeing you when you are over here.

  5. Hello delightful people! Thank you for your very welcome and interesting bulletin! We know all about being a couple with strongly opposite aspects to our Myers Briggs joint profile! Like you say – frustrating and wonderfully creative in equal measure!
    We are about to return to Chi for the winter after a glorious summer in Wooler so I hope we can share a few moments and a coffee when you are home!
    Much love
    Sue and Robert xx

  6. Hi David & Liza
    Hope you have a relaxing break back in Chi.
    Continuing to remember you in prayer and thankful for all that the Lord is doing through your ministry.
    With love in Christ

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