New House, new beginnings

Obedient to the urgings of our Kenyan friends after our recent intruder and robbery, we moved last week. We have found a dear little house, somewhat less well appointed than the previous one but in a much better location and with good security. It also has its own, albeit small, garden which is something we have been longing to have and there are some great new neighbours for us to get to know. It’s strange, isn’t it, when something upsetting leads to something lovely?

Borderlands peace workers
Borderlands peace workers

Work wise, we’ve been busy in the borderlands. We are encountering a few obstacles to getting the churches to work together for peace and there have been some renewed hostilities between the two communities. However we are determined to continue supporting the wonderful local peace activists as they work for this cause despite the frustrations and challenges.
The work at CBR continues apace and we are gearing up for this month’s doctors’ clinic. We are expecting a large number of new clients this time as the recent field work has led us to many children with disabilities who have never been assessed medically.

We also have a new journey to make, back to the UK, as we’ve just heard that David’s mother has died peacefully, aged 97 on the very same day that we received the wonderful news that James has proposed to our youngest daughter, Christina. (She said “Yes”!)

So, a lot of newness for us. How about all of you?


9 thoughts on “New House, new beginnings

    1. Thanks Richard. We’ll be returning briefly sometime in the next couple of weeks for the funeral and if at all possible will get to the Cathedral. Otherwise it will be as you say in August when we take our annual leave.

  1. I replied to your message and then turned to the Guardian to see that there has been a murderous at attack in the coast of Kenya. I do hope that you are both keeping safe and that those you work with are looking after you.

    (Sent while sitting in the sunshine watching the trams outside Basle station. French trains are on strike so travel plans back to the uk disrupted. Nothing to what is gong on elsewhere in the world.)

    Much love


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    1. Thank you for your concern.
      We are safe here in Eldoret and our diocesan colleagues take our security very seriously- hence the house move!
      It is very sad that these attacks are continuing as there are so many wonderful people here committed to the causes of justice and peace and their various out-workings.
      Enjoy your extended stay- trains and Switzerland sound like a delightful combination!
      Love to you from both of us.

  2. Be good to learn from you guys. I’ve developed a workshop on Building Peaceful Communities with Cathy Nobles of the Reconciliation Walk Community. This Community works alongside an Anglican Church on the Farley Estate in Luton and we are oking to engage in listening to narratives and exploring the Peace Building dynamics of the Gospel approach into multi ethnic, inter religious contexts. Hoing this is the way my Peacebuilding work will develop now Peaceworks the Charity has wound up. Hope to connect in August. Let me know what works. Hospitality always avaalable at St Cuthbert’s Oratory!! Much love, Micha X

  3. Micha, thank you so much.
    We would really love to meet with you and discuss this as it all sounds just where we are at too.
    Definitely in August, but if we get a moment during this imminent trip back for the funeral we’ll let you know.
    Love to you both. x

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