Nothing like a bit of digital enhancement

The last time Liza saw her youngest brother he suggested that she make this blog a bit more exciting with the use of video amongst other things. Not one to be daunted in matters of technology- after all she did agree all those years ago to teach ICT to boys with challenging behaviour despite having only just mastered basic computer skills herself- she resolved to make this happen.
The plan was to use her camera to record a short video during one of our CBR field trips….the same camera which was stolen a couple of weeks ago.

However, a sudden brainwave means that we are now able to share with you a short video published by one of our Kenyan colleagues on Facebook which gives you a small window on the world of our peace work.

Borderlands peace work

If the link doesn’t work then we’ll know once and for all that it really was for the best that Liza abandoned the ICT suite and switched back to teaching English to those boys….


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