Storms come in many guises and has anyone seen Dr Foster?

Storms come in many different guises. One such occurred this week.

Yesterday whilst Liza was in the house, we had an intruder and a robbery. It’s a long story and probably a bit too involved to narrate in full but suffice it to say that it featured Liza running up the road after the robber yelling at him (our daughters would be proud!) and then spending time at the police station with all the local drunks pouring out their life histories to her (this is a frequent occurrence in field work too, they appear drawn to her as moths to a candle…. )

The upshot of all this is that today in consultation with our diocesan colleagues we decided that to be on the safe side we now need to move so the house-hunting has commenced.

At the same time we have some news on the weather front. The North Rift where we are based is the bread (maize) basket of Kenya and as of last week, we were two months into the rainy season with very little rain. Food prices have already been rising in the markets and people are beginning to worry.

As usual it is the poorest in society who suffer the most and local people are regularly speculating about how the rich and powerful might manipulate the situation to their advantage, so there may also be matters of security to consider further down the line if the harvest fails.

However something wonderful has happened… it has rained every day since last week- sometimes torrential, sometimes soft, light rain, but rain every day.

We know that many people have prayed and we are thankful but we need it to continue in the right proportions and frequency, so no complaints from here, despite regular drenchings!


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