“I love it when a plan comes together….”

And so do we, Hannibal Smith!

The last few days have been carefully planned for and prayed about over many months and were made possible through the joint efforts of many people on two continents. Two long-standing friends of ours played a key part in catalysing what has just taken place. Through Jacky we were put in touch with Through the Roof, an organisation in the UK which works with people with disabilities and has a project called Wheels for the World. Through Micha we received a grant from a UK trust which has funded our outreach into the isolated, rural areas where we discovered children and adults desperately in need of wheelchairs.
Then through our friends, Dave and Linda (from Eldoret via Manchester!) we received human and material resources which resulted in another exciting development at our Eldoret CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) centre.

Here’s how all the dreaming and scheming finally came together:

• A Wheels for the World team (Eileen, Rob, Charlotte, Lucy, Nigel, Ruth, Maggie, and Christine) came to us at the end of a wheelchair distribution elsewhere in Kenya. They worked tirelessly for two days to give our clients restored dignity and a new lease of life. They brought with them crutches and 30 wheelchairs (beautifully refurbished in the UK by people in prison), a wealth of therapeutic and technical expertise and an abundance of love. They worked alongside volunteer interpreters (Revd. Josebhat, Busenei and Torno) who kindly joined us to support the distribution. The lives of our clients and their families really have been transformed Wheels 2
• Dave and James, who was visiting from the UK, arrived on site at the same time. They brought with them a set of parallel bars they had made for our physiotherapy room and the materials with which they then built a set of swings for our clients. Imagine the squeals of delight as a child with disabilities is lifted into a specially designed swing and experiences that freedom of movement for the first time. James and his wife also donated some much needed bed linen to the CBR centre, a timely addition to our refurbishment programme
• Our own CBR staff (Revd. Evelyn, Maggie, Mwangi, Rose, Patrick, Allan, Catherine and Emmanuel) worked sacrificially in both practical and financial terms in the preceding months and throughout the week, to serve our clients and the work of CBR- they are without doubt complete and utter stars!

"Asanteni sana!"
“Asanteni sana!”



Together we have managed to make life a lot better for more than 30 families.
So, we say “Thank you” one and all.

As did all our happy clients.


4 thoughts on ““I love it when a plan comes together….”

  1. I felt like I was with you feeling that joy of a plan coming together via love and relationships to give love and practical help to a special group of often forgotten people. You are doing a great job of passing on the luv xx

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