Oh, Turkana!

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks both outwardly, with a visit to Turkana and a conference in Nairobi, but also inwardly as we process it all.

Turkana has left its mark on us:

gut wrenching
people begging for water and food at the side of the road.
an old man, so thin, he is clearly near dying of starvation.
a remote people, snubbed, ignored, forgotten
a stoic people, yet direct and dignified, even in their need.
a dry and arid land, white sand and dust instead of red dust.

No rains since April 2013….

goats and camels among thorns and hardy shrubs.
how can anyone survive in these conditions?
yet they do…

the sun shines late because there are no mountains or hills to block it….
searing heat.
mouse deer and beautiful grouse in the evening slanted shadows, darting across the sandy main road, miles from any human habitation.

dust gets into everything.

Absolute poverty, not relative poverty.

and faithful believers, who hang on, yet wonder why their brothers and sisters have abandoned them.
and why some have even betrayed them.
i am ashamed, outraged, and disgusted by us.
i must do something

We must do something.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Turkana!

  1. Dear Liza and David,
    Have been following your blogs and your descriptions bring unknown lives and situations alive in a way very few missionary reports have for me. The windows on your world are vivid, I am challenged by them and know for you both living through these experiences with people your lives wont remain as they were.
    Love Rae

    1. Rae
      Your words are unbelievably timely so thank you very much for commenting when you did.We needed to hear that!

      Trust life in your new location is going well.
      Love to you too.

    1. The problems are structural, environmental and maybe even spiritual
      It’s hard to know what to say but here’s a few suggestions
      1. Publicise the situation
      2. Rally support so that once petitions are available to lobby the Kenyan County and National Governments, it’s already in people’s thinking so they will support it
      3. When reputable agencies such as UNICEF make their famine relief appeal, be ready to give
      4. Long term, Turkana needs investment both human and financial so be open to doing business and sharing skills cross-culturally. It needs people who will deal fairly and ethically with the community.
      5. For those who pray, now is the time. Lord, have mercy on these people.

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