What’s in a name?

When our daughters were growing up our family life was enlivened by a whole series of nicknames which we gave to one another. Interestingly enough, those names sometimes changed as the story of the family changed and developed. Visitors to our home would often find it more than a little eccentric as we summoned each other with monikers such as “Biscuit” or “Dodo”. Anyone who follows Liza on Twitter will know that one of the names she has acquired has stuck and MrsBeaky is here to stay. (We’ll leave you to work out why our daughters chose it!)

Interestingly enough, here in the heartlands of the Nandi people we have discovered that it is normal to be given a name which tells people something about what was happening when you were born, a bit like some of the stories in the Bible. The little girl next door is called Chemutei because she was born more quickly than expected. Others are named after various different events such as when the cows were going out or coming home.

When it comes to nicknames, we have found a kindred spirit here in Kenya in our friend Maritim Rirei and we all know who he means when he talks about “Revd Deranged”, “Revd Clandestine”, “Kill me quick” and “The Englishman.” This ability to laugh at ourselves and with one another has saved us from frustration on many an occasion.

But then again, in all honesty there is probably a certain power in our nicknames to reveal some much-needed home truths…..


10 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Oh I love this post and yes it is very true. I wonder what the one you all have me reveals? ;0)
    Love you guys, saw Lulu yesterday and got the most enormous hug in the centre of town xxx

      1. Well, we honestly couldn’t comment in a public forum like this one!!
        So glad you’ve seen Luby Lu (there you see, another one of those family nicknames…)
        Lots of love to you and all the Stewarts. x

  2. I always love that about names – one reason I changed mine. And I long remember my friend Kweku from Ghana whose name he told me means ‘born on Tuesday’. The day so much more important than the year. I like that. Be encouraged as we are learning of your God filled exploits.

  3. I always assumed Mrs Beaky was associated with Captain Beaky & the Magic Band, and thus Hissing Sid. Please dont disappoint me!!

    1. In the interests of honesty we’re afraid we do have to disappoint you John…..
      MrsBeaky owes its existence to her persistent questions about exactly what was going on when more than one family member was seen in cahoots with another…hey ho!

  4. This morning at Intercessions, Linda Barrett gave thanks that you had received your Alien Cards. She did not give detail of which planet you are from.;-)

    1. We know, John…we’re sometimes not too sure ourselves which planet we come from either!Still, it’s lovely to know that we’re remembered by you all on such a regular basis.
      Trust all is well
      Love to you both.

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