Aliens in a not so strange land

The last few days have given us considerable cause for celebration and thanksgiving. Awareness raised through our haphazard ramblings on this blog has led to some wonderful and timely provision. CBR has been the recipient of a grant from a trust fund in the UK which will support and develop its fieldwork. We have also received confirmation that a UK charity will be making a wheelchair distribution to support CBR’s work too.
(More about that to follow in April.)

And lastly, yesterday, thanks to the kind offices of our good friend here in Eldoret and his Kerio View 1friend in immigration in Nairobi, we finally received our alien cards.

How thankful are we, as aliens in a not so strange land?!


10 thoughts on “Aliens in a not so strange land

  1. So glad about the Wheels for the World distribution .I was talking with the new manager last month about you and she was very positive about making it happen she is a brilliant appointment to the charity. I follow your life with interest and prayers.We have decided to sell our house and downsize so value prayer that someone will buy soon.

    1. It’s great news, isn’t it? Thank you for putting us in touch with them.
      The whole down-sizing thing is quite daunting but also in our experience gave us a new lease of life. We will certainly pray. Much love to you both from both of us.

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