If just one person

This past week we have been joined by our daughter Joanna to celebrate David’s birthday.
We went away for the weekend and stayed in the shadow of Mount Kenya and made our first ever trip to a game reserve where we saw this little chap. Rhino Watch Lodge 1 Initially he was all alone but once he’d raised the alarm he was joined by a group of supporters….

It got us thinking about something from years ago. All four of our daughters spent time at the same junior school and all four of them joined the choir there. The school had an excellent reputation for music and they had an excellent teacher. So much so that one year they entered and won the Sainsbury’s Choir of the year competition, competing mainly against Sixth Form choirs. Part of their repertoire, which always produced a strong response complete with people reaching for their hankies, was a song called “If just one person believes in you”. The lyrics of the song speak of it only needing one person encouraging others to believe in someone else for things to change. One person can easily become a group which leads to the original person finally believing in their own worth.
Corny but possibly true.
It’s certainly true here in some of the work we are doing. We think of a little boy, Job, in one of the rural areas who was born with no arms or legs. After the initial shock had worn off, his father decided he had to do something. He refused to follow the  path of rejection and despair and chose to believe in his son. It took time but that choice resulted in the community coming together and a special school being built in the village for Job and other children with disabilities to have access to education.

As we begin this New Year, we are wondering which situations we will encounter where we will be able to be that one person?


4 thoughts on “If just one person

  1. Ah! So many memories of Katey flooded back, with not a few tears. Great year, and Nikki never wanted to re-enter the choir for future competition. I was able to build a concert around the school choir at the Festival Theatre for Chichester Care for Romania. Certainly true – if just one person. The power of encouragement! So be encouraged because you are making a real difference.

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