Best Christmas Present Ever!

So we come to the end of our first year here in Eldoret and what a year it has been – Many challenges but so many more joys that far outweigh them. Thank you to you all for being willing to travel with us. Your comments, thoughts, prayers and financial support have been greatly appreciated. Our little Christmas tree and Nativity scene that we squashed into our bags last year are sitting on the coffee table and we’re ready to celebrate this wonderful season.

Christina in YorkshireOur most special news came just in time for Christmas. Many of you will know that four years ago our youngest daughter, Christina, coughed and spluttered her way through the Christmas festivities, only to be diagnosed with cancer shortly into the New Year. We have just heard that at a routine hospital check-up the oncology team pronounced her to be “in complete clinical remission”. We are so thankful for this news – As her eldest sister Lucy says: “Best. Christmas. Present. Ever!”

We will once again be spending Christmas day with the family of our good friend, Revd Maritim Rirei and we’ll think of you wherever you may be.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to you all


10 thoughts on “Best Christmas Present Ever!

  1. Something is very wrong with our blog and I am trying to fix it!
    It will only let me comment which is very boring and not what we want. Our internet connection is grim at the moment so it’s somewhat frustrating….mutter, mutter, mutter……
    Liza (Technical wizard- failed)

  2. Hooray!
    After a morning of the internet cutting in and out (and if I’m honest with the air turning somewhat blue too) I think I’ve fixed it….so please do leave your comments.

  3. What wonderful News of Christina-we will miss your lovely faces at Chichester cathedral on Christmas day! Happy Christmas

  4. Am so relieved you have fixed the Blog, I tried to comment on the last 2 updates and thought that I had done something !!!! We love you 2 and will be thinking of you both on Christmas Day as we share presents and food with one of your beautiful daughters xxxxx

    1. I was so relieved too! Despite the stress as we were feeling a bit cut off from people without their comments to connect us…..
      Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our family and have a wonderful Christmas.
      Much love to you all from both of us
      David and Liza

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