Strange encounters

Our compound boasts a veritable cluck of chickens. Two of them are cockerels whose cheery cock-a-doodle-doos greet us each and every morning. But there is a slight complication to our co-existence because they have both decided that Liza is in some way part of their rule and reign.  DoodlerWhenever they see her they charge at her and strut up and down, parading their plumage. Sometimes, with much squawking and shedding of feathers they heave themselves up onto fences and then stare at her intently as she walks by.

However their behaviour pales into insignificance when compared with the following encounter. The other day Liza was walking back home from the diocesan offices and greeting people as is the norm here. One man decided to engage her in conversation in a mixture of English and Kiswahili. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, the man declared his desire to marry someone from the UK and suggested Liza might like the job…… It soon became apparent that he was somewhat worse for wear which perhaps explains his enthusiasm. There then followed a hair-raising moment when he appeared to be suggesting that Liza might also like to “have his offspring”- it transpired that he was actually talking about the puppies his dog had just produced, so heartily relieved Liza bade him farewell and walked on.

Strange encounters, indeed!


6 thoughts on “Strange encounters

  1. Ha ha love it ! can just picture the scene-although I am not sure that being worse for wear would explain his enthusiasm-as he would find Liza lovely when sober too!
    Have just heard the news about Nelson Mandela-end of an era-sad but happy to know he is safe with Jesus
    thinking of you both

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