Well, we didn’t see that coming…..

Life is more than a little unpredictable sometimes. We’ve settled into Eldoret so well that things like roads becoming mud rinks due to excess unseasonable rains are normal now and we just drive on through. Seeing goats and pigs on the back of motorbikes raises a smile still but also seems quite run of the mill and only to be expected. The hustle and bustle of Eldoret as it starts the evening rush hour with its late night street trading used to be something we avoided but it now seems just another stimulating part of life here.

The other day when David was down in Nairobi, Liza was sitting at her computer bemoaning the fact that it had suddenly got dark far earlier than usual and that it was freezing cold too. She went outside to compare notes with the neighbours only to discover they were all standing there watching the eclipse of the sun which she had managed to completely miss….Doh!

Then this week, having been contacted through our blog and via people we have met here, we found ourselves in conversations with organisations and government groups interested in our work for peace here and wondering whether or not there is some way of us working together in the future.
We certainly didn’t foresee that either and once again we marvel at the implications of such synchronicity and providence….just hope we can keep alert to whatever else might be coming our way!


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