Don’t count your chickens until the dust has settled…..

Certain sayings seem to have passed into common usage without much thought being given to their original meaning. Since coming to Kenya, we have been blessed with colleagues who speak excellent English- much, much better than our Kiswahili- and sometimes they use sayings with which we are familiar.
Language is such a rich medium but we can easily forget the power of the original proverbs.

Living in Eldoret has brought certain sayings to life for us again.
Take for example “Let’s wait until the dust has settled”. The rainy season is coming to an end here and this past week on several occasions, the visibility on some of the roads has become almost non-existent as yet another vehicle passes by leaving us engulfed in thick, swirling, red dust.
Driving in such conditions is not without its challenges, and sometimes the only sensible thing to do has been to stop and wait for the dust to settle before trying to move forward again.
Quite a few new opportunities appear to be opening up for us at the moment, so once again we are at a place where wisdom tells us it is time to wait for the dust to settle, to pause and to pray before we continue with this journey.


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