Well, that was quite a week!

It started on the Saturday with the news of the horrific events at Westgate mall. We were safe here in the North Rift but anxiously waited to hear about friends and colleagues in Nairobi. There was concern that the unfolding events in the capital could lead to insecurity elsewhere in the country so we held an inter-faith meeting here in Eldoret and a joint press release was issued urging people to continue to pray and work for peace. It was deeply moving to once again recognise our shared humanity and it’s wonderful to be able to report that the community here in Eldoret has remained committed to peace.

Then on Monday came the sad news of the death of the wife of one of our dear Kenyan friends after a hideous and very rare allergic reaction to a drug she was given to treat high blood pressure.

Tuesday saw us making an eighteen hour round trip to Nairobi. Our friend in Immigration had called us to say that he needed us there to progress the application for our work permits.
We set out with  Maritim Rirei at 4.30 am. From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm we rushed up and down stairs between different departments trying to dot every “i” and cross every “t”…..at one point Liza managed to trip up and ended up sprawled on the ground thus ensuring that she spent the rest of the day covered with enough grazes, bruises and mud to warrant a role in an Indiana Jones or Die Hard movie…… but fear not, she has lived to tell the tale!
We arrived home at 10.30 pm very tired and extremely happy to finally be the proud possessors of our work permits.

Waiting to see the doctors....
Waiting to see the doctors….

Thursday saw us both helping out at the CBR Doctors’ clinic. We had 109 clients, 43 of whom were new and the fruit of our endeavours in the field. It was so encouraging to see these children and their families finding some hope and help. One tiny girl with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus had never been seen by a doctor. After she was examined, she was pronounced a medical emergency and arrangements were made to find the funds to rush her to the specialist hospital for surgery to fit a shunt. Her mother had travelled for five hours to get her to the clinic which she had heard about from other people who have received our help over the last few months of outreach and field work.

The rest of the week (amongst other things) has involved planning meetings for the next lot of peace work and a board meeting for CBR.

So all this has certainly kept us on our toes!


8 thoughts on “Well, that was quite a week!

  1. Whilst the media pulsates with its terrorism fixation, you guys address the real tragedy in our world, meeting the real needs of everyday people. Thank you on behalf of all global citizens for serving so faithfully and so fully. Whilst perpetrators of violence conspire, those who walk in the ways of God INSPIRE! Blessings and ongoing prayers. Micha & Jayne X

  2. Wow certainly a busy week! Great to hear how your efforts have given children opportunities like that… And we continue to pray for peace and resolution in Kenya. Thank you both for all you are doing x

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