Safely back in Kenya

We are safely back in beautiful Kenya after a whirlwind tour of family and friends in the UK: thank you to each and every one of you for delicious meals and cakes, laughter and listening ears as we continued to process all we are engaging with on this great adventure.

One of the themes of our trip back to the UK was mobile phones as our youngest granddaughter’s over enthusiastic playing with her Aunty Dodo’s phone resulted in the need for a new one which duly arrived at our house two mornings after the mishap….
Also, lots of people asked about our daily lives in Eldoret and mobile phones featured in our answers which got us thinking.
Next time we update the blog we’ll try to paint a picture of the part played by the mobile phone in everyday life here.

For now, we’re grateful that we did not encounter any problems coming back into the country and we eagerly await news of our application for a work permit.


8 thoughts on “Safely back in Kenya

  1. It was so wonderful to see you both and we’re glad you arrived back safely. Looking forward to the new stories. Sending masses of love xxxxxx

  2. Dear David and Liza, Happy to hear your time in the UK went well and you are now settling back in Kenya. Looking forward to future posts. Love from Jan & Alec.

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