We were called this morning to a meeting with the Bishop.
Provincial office in Nairobi have just been in touch with him and to cut a long story short Immigration in Nairobi have blocked our application for a work permit.

We are amongst four people sponsored by ACK who are hitting problems.

We will now need to travel to Nairobi on Sunday ready for Monday when we will go to Immigration to defend our application which is a somewhat stressful and scary prospect!

The Diocese here are very concerned, as are we so please do keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you


20 thoughts on “STOP PRESS!

  1. Dear David and Liza, Will be remembering you and the situation before the throne, He is able! Blessings, Jan.

  2. Well a further mountain to climb, and I can only imagine what your inner feelings of turmoil must be like. For our part we shall simply yet steadfastly pray alongside you and ask God to resolve this in your favour with permission to stay. Be encouraged for in our weakness God’s light and graces burns brightest. You are both loved and admired here – go for it!

  3. Knowing you both as I do, I have no doubt you will present a wonderful case to this Governent & you will win!!!
    Love to you both. X Al.

  4. Dear Liza and David – be assured of my prayers for this concern and for both of you – that you will feel confident that our Lord has it all in his hands and will be there with you. Love Marion

  5. Many thanks to you all for your support: our internet connection is very slow today so we can’t reply to your individual comments.
    To answer the questions: we don’t know why immigration have made this decision, we will find out on what grounds they have done it when we meet with them.
    Work permits normally take about 6 months to process so we have been on temporary visas, renewed every 3 months but you can’t go on and on doing that and remain in the country.
    We will keep you all posted as and when we have news.
    David and Liza

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