Without a doubt, there is a place for excellence in our aspirations and endeavours but something we are continuing to have hammered home to us here in Kenya is that much can be achieved with limited resources.

Life here is filled with what we have termed “bottom up solutions”. A few weeks ago, David had a problem with his bike so we asked our friends where he should take it to be mended, thinking we’d need to go to a shop in town.
“Go to the triangle roundabout on Monday and you will find the fundi.”
So off he went and there was the man with his bag of tools and spare bike parts sitting by the side of the road, under a tree. With limited resources but maximum application he effected a miracle cure to said bicycle, all for the price of a cup of coffee.
On one of our recent CBR fieldtrips to what felt like the middle of nowhere, we discovered that within one kilometre of the house where one of our clients lived, there was a fundi- a welder- who could make the much-needed repairs to her wheelchair.
Now we know from our friends that just as anywhere else you need to choose the right fundi and we also know that if the infrastructure here was better and that if corruption was less prevalent then life would be an awful lot easier for so many people.
But until that day comes we remain challenged by and grateful for the resourcefulness of so many of the Kenyan people.

On further reflection, perhaps there is a resourcefulness that lurks within us all that’s just waiting to be unlocked?


7 thoughts on “Resourcefulness

  1. Too true. Necessity is the mother of invention & entrepreneurship. Hope that all goes well with your family far and wide. Are any planning on making a trip to visit you in Kenya? Take Care, Blessings, Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan
      All is well with them all though life has its challenges at times. Jo and Christina hope to visit at some point which will be lovely if we can make it happen.
      Trust all is well with all of you.

  2. So unlike our advanced country where my friend had to ring the wheelchair company who removed her wheelchair leaving her housebound and promising to return in three days it arrived three weeks later after many phone calls with a massive bill and a suggestion that she may need to purchase a new addition she gave the delivery man a cup of tea.

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