Turn left at Kapsabet….

We returned to Eldoret a week ago and it’s been good to settle back into the daily rhythm of life here and to practise our Kiswahili as and when we can.
Up until now our 11 year old RAV4 (her name is Pearl in case you wondered) has been driven solely by David but this week’s field trip with CBR provided the opportunity for Liza’s debut as a rally driver, ably coached by the Revd Evelyn Jerotich (should she ever feel the urge to pursue a new vocation, training rally drivers could be top of the list!)

Now Liza is not the most confident of drivers, indeed anyone who has seen her in situ will know that the first challenge is her actually being able to see over the top of the steering wheel….. however Pearl is well configured, so fortunately this wasn’t a problem.

Hearing that we were going to Kapsabet was good news as it’s on the main road to Kisumu so not too many challenges apart from the normal potholes, speed bumps, matatus, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, cows, sheep and goats all of which have a mind of their own.

Forty five minutes out of Eldoret, Patrick uttered the immortal words “We will turn left at Kapsabet” which we duly did and we headed off the tarmac and deep into the interior. We drove for another forty five minutes on unmade up roads up hill, down dale, over rocks and around livestock: the only thing lacking was the mud as thankfully it hasn’t rained for a few days but Evelyn has promised more of her expert coaching when that need arises….

With the help of a local guide we finally reached the family we were looking for, deep in Nandi County.4 Generations Surrounded by beautiful hills, green with tea plants and other crops, we sat under the banana trees with four generations of the family and met the little boy whose disability means he will need physiotherapy and splints so that he can finally begin to walk.

“We have heard of you,” said the great-grandfather “And we are grateful to God that you have come. Visitors bring a blessing. Thank you”

His words made the return journey so much easier.


15 thoughts on “Turn left at Kapsabet….

  1. Having driven on those kinds of roads (including the road to and from Eldoret to Kapsabet and beyond) I was empathising with your experience entirely!!

    1. Thank you Lynn.
      “Pearl” comes from the log book where the car’s colour (white to you and me) is so described and we were amused by the maker’s apparently poetic flight of fancy!
      Love to both of you x

  2. So beautiful, what a brilliant update, laughter and tears all at once! Love you guys! How amazing ‘we have heard of you’ You two are changing the world, what an honor to know you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Matt
      Just to be clear, the “We have heard of you” comment was about CBR in general and not anyone in specific but was very encouraging, nonetheless.
      Love to you all.

      1. I actually knew that! But I didn’t recognise any of the rally driver names so decided it was funnier the other way 😉 x

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